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As a pioneer and leader in Environmental Response Skincare, Chilyo combines ancient healing techniques with modern science to make products that help to heal the mind and body. Our commitment to quality has us constantly searching the globe to find the best ingredients, so we can provide you with the best environmental response products to offer protection from our uncertain, changing environment.

We set out on a mission to make luxury skin care and rejuvenation products that would keep us in touch with our body and mind following the traditional path to healing.


Chilyo’s Revolutionary Skincare Product Line


Hemp and CBD Eye & Lobe SerumTotal Eye & Lobe Serum

Have you ever had a barista or the UPS guy ask if you’re feeling ok? Pay attention! They may not know you, but they know what you look like.

Our Total Eye and Lobe Serum was developed specifically to relieve common signs of environmental stress, pollution and dehydration where they show first – our eyes and earlobes.

With caffeine, elastin and collagen, this power-packed serum is a one-stop-shop, lifting and firming the most delicate areas of your face, while targeting your most vulnerable aging spots.

We didn’t stop at an under eye cream, though. We did our research and learned that earlobes – yes, earlobes – are one of the first places where we show our age. They are much more prone to sagging, drooping, thinning and wrinkling. So, whenever you apply the serum underneath your eyes, add a drop and rub into your earlobes, too.




Face & Neck Creme

Each and every one of us lives in a harsh environment. Whether at home, the office, a dinner party or on vacation, we are all constantly exposed to environmental stresses. That stress ultimately shows on our face, neck and décolleté.

You might ask, “How could that be possible?” The answer will surprise you.

Pollution, depression, UV lights, anxiety, unhappiness, air conditioning and heather list goes on and on. These are all part of our “environment”, and they all contribute to inflammation and unhealthy skin. In fact, even the way we talk to ourselves can negatively impact the health of our skin.

Our luxurious Face and Neck Crème was designed specifically to fight and conquer skin inflammation with its unique environmental response formulation. With cannabinoids, peptides and bio-fermentation (aka pre- and probiotics), this crème is formulated to RESTORE, FIRM AND REHYDRATE.

It is a one-stop-shop to lift and firm the most delicate areas of your face, while targeting your most vulnerable aging spots.





Facial Elixir Mistfacial elixir

Environmental stressors that can impact our skin and overall health come in many forms travel, phones (screen time), weather, mental state, pollution, exercise, food-…the list goes on and on.

No matter how hard we try to avoid environmental stressors, short of living in a bubble, we all will be exposed to countless environmental factors that can harm our general well-being, every day. The first place the damage shows is on our faces. That is why Chilyo recognized the need to regularly protect and repair our skin.

Our rejuvenating Facial Elixir Mist was developed specifically to REVITALIZE, HYDRATE AND CALM the face. We use a special mix of powerful anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant cannabinoids, arnica and fruit extracts. The natural scents derived from our unique bio-fermented fruit extracts provide special aromatherapy properties to calm the mind, allowing our mist to do its job more effectively.

Just remember that without a calm mind, healing cannot occur.




Muscle Balm

So, why did a skincare company create a muscle balm – or, more appropriately, why did Chilyo create “THE” muscle balm of muscle balms?  Keep reading and you will know.

Each and every one of us ages differently, but pain eventually rears its ugly head. Whether it is a sore back, tight/stressed shoulders, a bum knee or even a basic sprain, most topical pain relief products use the same basic ingredients menthol, camphor or essential oils. These all work fine for temporary relief, but this relief comes in the form of either a very hot or a very strong cooling effect.

Our activating Muscle Balm was created to work completely differently from any other over the counter muscle rub. We set out to develop something that blends Western science with the effects of Far East treatments like “acupuncture” or “cupping,” but in a crème form. This is really where East meets West in our approach to product development.  In essence, we like to say we offer Cupping in a Bottle™ and Acupuncture in a Bottle™.  How can you beat that?

The ingredients in our muscle rub cream bring the blood to the surface of the skin via vasodilators that create redness and provide a warming sensation. Because our skin is like a sponge, once the redness goes down, the ingredients in our balm are able to be absorbed in to the skin for long-term relief.